Since I can remember, I have always loved woman’s fashion. I love how the right dress can entirely change your day: if you feel beautiful and confident, you can start to change the world.
It isn’t only a matter of vanity, but it’s a way to increase your self-awareness and feeling good in your own shoes.
When I finished high school I decided to follow my dreams by joining a fashion school in Florence, where I learnt the latest techniques about pattern making and tailoring.
After that I experienced the world of the real fashion business -I worked for Emilio Pucci and Gucci, two of the most famous high fashion Italian brands-, but I discovered that my love for fashion was fading out. Money and profit were the only cardinal point to follow, and there was uniformity all around me.Because of this bad feeling I stopped sewing for about a couple of year and, if I started this little challenge, it’s thanks to a great friend of mine who made me discover Hundertwasser’s life.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser was an Austrian artist: in his opinion every human being has five skins, and needs to be in harmony with each of them, i.e. his natural epidermis, his clothes, his house, the social environment and the planetary skin.
I decided to take care of the second skin, our clothes.The aim of the artist was to make us reflect on the relationship between clothes and civil status, and the consequences of uniformity caused by buying only clothes from industrial production. After knowing that, my love for sewing came back, and now I’m here, sewing one of a kind dresses for women who enjoy being themselves and don’t care of the fashion business.
Hope you want to follow me through my dreams!

Shops interested in my creations can contact me through Facebook or by email at info [at] kimsoo.it.

Private parties can directly shop on Etsy.

Happy shopping to all!